Concert Beauforthuis met o.a. Simeon ten Holt (Palimpsest) en Jeroen van Veen (Pianoconcert Continuum):

"Super, Geweldig! Van Blowen wordt men stoned, Van Blazen vol van...... geluk. HIGH!!!" Lourens
"Het luisteren maakte ademlozer dan het spelen. Inspirerend. Ik ga het beslist gebruiken in mijn schilderwerk." Ina van de Nes
"It was amazing, we enjoyed it. Tot tranen toe bewogen en geraakt in mijn hart! dank jullie wel! jullie gaan met mij mee!" x Ank

juni 2014,
Concert Rogkerkje French Impressionism:

"Mooi samengespeeld, muzikaal! Compliment!" Els Kmb

april 2013,
Adams Fluitfestival :

"SUPER! Emoji Enjoyed so much!" Emily Beynon

4 Aug 2013,

"Unbelievable beautiful!."

4 Aug 2013,
Ingrid Reuter:

"I was lucky to attend a performance of An Enlighted Disciple of Darkness in Tallinn in August. Being an opera lover from Frankfurt I am meanwhile used to modern but yet melodic music which reminded me a bit of Philipp Glass, but I heard also the beginning of Rheingold and in the end an allusion to Hitchcock's Psycho. Especially the young soprano was very good. I would recommend this opera to be performed for Oper Frankfurt because we have the audience that appreciates such works. Thank you so much for not another Magic Flute but for eight magic flutes! Regards from Ingrid"

4 Aug 2013,

"From what I have seen from the reviews there was a lot of hallelujah... harmonious music... the special atmosphere due to the non earthy sound of a flute ensemble... Arvo P?rt telling that it was a composition of great value, etc. They all praised both composer, flute orchestra and singers..."

5 Apr 2013,
Emily Beynon (solo-flautist Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra):

"Super! Enjoyed so much!"

18 June 2013,
Hetty Bosveld:

"Realy enjoyed the Minimal pieces as well Debussy. With those low tones the ensemble changed into an orchestra. It was also very beautiful to watch the interaction of the musicians."

March 2012,
Carol Brown:

"This is a very short, very deep and very thankful note for your absolutely amazing and awesome performance with BLOW UP yesterday. I truly cannot compare the experience with any sound performance in my past. Eight 'fluits', Eight Musicians, with the sound of a complete orchestra? When this was suggested in your introduction, it was impossible to imagine. Experiencing this performance was a spirtual, uplifting and gracious hour in my life. Trying to rationalize that what I heard and what I saw was all in a 'breath' is incomrehensible, I will never forget it. So, hartelijk dank, for this performance. Wishing you all good health to keep going!! all the best wishes, Carol"

March 2012,
Hans Goossens:

"Wat een klankkleuren! wat een ruimte, wat een rijkdom! een schitterend ensemble"

June 2011,
Ronald Snijders (fluitist/componist):

"Het was een fantastisch concert in een lekker volle en gezellige ruimte. En Ned, nog bedankt voor het mogen vasthouden van je grote baby!"

Sept. 2010
Leo Samama (componist- musicoloog):

"Een verrassend koor van fluiten in bijzonder repertoire!"


Fluitoctet BlowUp!

Fluteoctet BlowUp! was established in the Netherlands by eight professional flautists in 2006. Its instrumental range is the equivalent of a string orchestra, from piccolo, c-flute, alto- and bassflute, down to the counterbass- and subcounterbassflute which create rich sonority and a firm harmonic foundation. Each member plays several instruments of the flute-family and all perform in a variety of orchestras and ensembles, perform recitals or as a soloist. Some members also teach and conduct (from Conservatory to Musicschool), are professional composer and/or music-arranger and musicprogrammer.

Several new compositions were written for Fluteoctet BlowUp! and many arrangements were made from Renaissance- to 20th century music.

In aug 2013 the opera An Enlightened Disciple of Darkness (Dominy Clements) had its succesfull première and performances at the Nargen Festival in Tallinn, Estonia (reprise 2018).

In march 2015 the cd French Summer Impressions will be released. In march 2015 the childrensbook (text Noor Kamerbeek) + cd (composition Dominy Clements) Matilda and little Fish (4-6) will be published. The theaterversion will be performed from 2015-16.

Fluteoctet BlowUp! likes to perform in alternative surroundings like factories, galleries, churches and outdoors, as well in conventional concert venues.

The musicians of BlowUp! are: Egbert Jan Louwerse, Gaëlle DohenNoor KamerbeekDanielle KlootwijkFroukje WiebengaIvo Visser, Oliver Baker en Dominy Clements.